Tehran (IP) - Iranian Deputy Interior Minister Hussein Zolfaghari said that the Iraqi government and people should prevent the reorganization of terrorist elements seeking to re-create insecurity in Iraq.

Iran PressIran News: The official talks between the Islamic Republic of Iran and the Republic of Iraq, chaired by Abdul Halim Faham Al-Farhoud, Senior Advisor to the Iraqi Interior Minister, and Hossein Zolfaghari, Iran’s Deputy Interior Minister, was held in Tehran this Sunday morning.

Hussein Zolfaghari said: "After the defeat of ISIS, the enemies of Iran and Iraq sought to create division and separation between the two countries, but with the vigilance of both sides, the enemies did not achieve their goals and the unity and cooperation of our people and governments has become stronger."

Zolfaghari, while recalling the bravery and efforts of the martyrs of the two countries in the fight against terrorism, led by Martyr General Soleimani and Martyr Abu Mahdi Al-Muhandes, said: "They made many efforts to prevent conflicts in Iraq, and their martyrdom by the United States proved that the enemies of the two countries do not care about the security of the region, and with the slogan of fighting terrorism, they martyr the front-line commanders of fighting terrorism."

Zolfaghari stated that the Americans are seeking to strengthen the terrorists after leaving Iraq, adding: "Based on the available experience and evidence, we say that we do not consider the Americans' presence in any region to be the cause of stability and peace. It is normal for Americans to fight a group in the morning and sell weapons and support the same group in the evening."

The Deputy Interior Minister of Iran emphasized: "The Islamic Republic of Iran considers Iraq's authority and freedom as its authority and freedom."

Abdul Halim Faham Al-Farhoud, High Advisor to the Iraqi Interior Minister, said: "His accompanying delegation is from various areas and officials of the Iraqi Interior Ministry to prepare the ground for talks and comprehensive cooperation and prepare a draft memorandum of cooperation between the two countries."

He added: "During the war with ISIS, Iraq and Iran defended the whole world, and the pure blood of the martyrs and the efforts of the Islamic Republic of Iran had a tremendous impact on defeating terrorism."


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