The Deputy Minister of Health, Treatment, and Medical Education said on Wednesday that the Islamic Republic of Iran has been able to become self-sufficient in the production of drugs required for the treatment of Covid-19 infection in the shortest possible time.

Iran Press/Iran News: Mohammad Reza Shanesaz added, "Last year we had problems in providing the sanitary and disinfectant materials needed to manage the Coronavirus pandemic."

"However, any drug that was developed and introduced worldwide for the treatment of Quaid-19,  its domestic production began to meet the needs of the country. Our researchers have proven that we can definitely get what we need," he said.

Referring to the start of vaccination in the country, Shanshaz said that the emergency use of the Corona vaccine was approved and the purchase of multiple vaccines made in India, China, Russia, and South Korea was on the agenda.

The Deputy Minister of Health predicted that 3 to 4 million doses of vaccine would enter the country by mid-March, but said that despite all this, "we hope for the national vaccines made in Iran."

"The global need is 16 billion doses of vaccine, which no single country has the capacity to produce," he said.

He said that the need for corona vaccine in the country is estimated at 120 to 160 million doses per year, adding: "Currently, there are 15 vaccine production platforms in 10 Iranian companies and three vaccines have reached the phase of clinical studies."


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