Tehran (IP) - The Commander of the Air Force of the Iranian Army, during his visit to the final stages of the Kaman 22 project, said: Today we have the technology to build various types of UAVs, and the Kaman 22 UAV is the first wide-body drone in the country.

Iran PressIran News:  Brigadier General Aziz Nasirzadeh, Commander of the Air Force of the Islamic Republic of Iran, added: "This drone is equipped with combat and optical cargo and is designed based on the operational needs of the Air Force and is in the final stages of production."

He said: "Kaman 22 drone with a flight duration of more than 24 hours and a range of 3,000 kilometers, has the ability to identify, monitor and collect information and photograph distant targets, and by carrying a variety of intelligent ammunition will give high strength to this force."

In the end, the Iranian Air Force commander noted: "Today, we can produce different types of UAVs based on the needs of the force, and in the future, we are also working on the construction of other types of UAVs."


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