Iran's foreign minister stressed that the United States must take corrective action, by committing to JCPOA and effectively implement its obligations.

Iran Press/Iran News: Mohammad Javad Zarif wrote on his Twitter account: "There is a way forward with a logical order including fulfilling the obligations." The United States, as the violating party, must take a corrective step, that is, committing to Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA).

And to effectively fulfill its commitments, Iran will reciprocate immediately by reversing its actions.

Zarif also reiterated that Iran would respond immediately by resuming its compensatory measures.

Zarif in an interview said: "When all the signatories of JCPOA fulfill their obligations, then Iran will return to negotiations to resume JCPOA."

Grossi, who arrived in Tehran last night, met with Zarif at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Cooperation between the Islamic Republic of Iran and the International Atomic Energy Agency, the Agency's efforts to resolve issues between the two countries, as well as cooperation between Iran and the IAEA within the framework of safeguards are among the most important issues discussed during the meeting between Iran's Foreign Minister and the Director-General of IAEA.

Kazem Gharibabadi, Iran's ambassador and permanent representative to IAEA in Vienna, referring to Grossi's talks with Salehi, said in his Twitter: "Iran and the IAEA had fruitful talks based on mutual respect, the results of which will be published tonight." 219