IP- Palestinian Minister of Health announced that Israeli authorities halted a Russian Sputnik V coronavirus vaccine shipment sent to the Palestinian Gaza Strip.

Iran PressMiddle East: Dr. Al-Kilah branded the interference of the Netanyahu government “arbitrary.” Some 2,000 doses were sent to Gaza for medical personnel working in intensive care units and emergency rooms in the Gaza Strip’s few hospitals.

She slammed the Israeli block on the vaccine doses contrary to all recognized uses, basic morality, and international law. She has contacted international bodies about pressuring the Israelis to allow the vaccine in.

Israeli authorities acknowledged having received a request to admit the vaccine doses but said it was under review and had not been approved.

The Palestine Authority in the West Bank had received 10,000 doses of the Russian vaccine and was attempting to share them with Gaza when coronavirus cases are rising.

Palestine has signed contracts with four vaccine suppliers and expects the first shipments to arrive in two months.

Israel has sent over 2,000 doses of the Pfizer vaccine, out of a promised 5,000, to inoculate West Bank Palestinian medical personnel.


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