Chief Commander:
IRGC Ground Forces showed growing, moving forward

The Chief Commander of Iran’s Islamic Revolution Guard Corps (IRGC) stressed that the IRGC Ground Forces showed that they were vivid, growing, and moving forward.

Iran Press/Iran News: At the end of the Great Prophet-16 Drills of IRGC Ground Forces, which ended in the early hours of Friday morning in the general area of ​​the southwest of the country, Maj. Gen. Hossein Salami said that this exercise was one of the most powerful and accurate exercises in the day and single night operations, adding: "This exercise took us to the epic nights of the holy defence era as well as Karbala 5, Dawn 8, Fath ol-Mobin, Beit-ol-Moqaddas and Tariq al-Qods Operations," he said.

The Commander of the Islamic Revolution Guard Corps thanked the commanders, warriors who participated in this exercise and the intelligent, faithful and revolutionary people of the region, stressing: “The spirit of authority, defence, resistance and aggression against the enemy is completely alive,‌ and the IRGC Ground Forces showed that they were vivid, growing and moving forward.”

He went on to say: “The IRGC Ground Forces guarantee our security, independence, honour and dignity; from yesterday until this morning, it shone brightly and lasting pages would add to the record of the defence and deterrent authority of the Islamic homeland.”

Pointing out that the enemies should learn from the firepower created by the youth of Islamic Iran in this exercise, Major-General Salami reiterated: "This is a land of resistance, honour, masculinity and zeal, and today the Revolution Guards are steadfast and resilient to continue the path taken by the holy defence martyrs, the defenders of the homeland and Shrine defending martyrs, and will not neglect for a moment to defend the independence, honour, dignity, security and territorial integrity of the country.”

The drill, codenamed 'Payambar-e Azam 16 (The Great Prophet 16)', involves various IRGC units such as the infantry, commandos, special forces, armoured divisions, artillery, missile and drone units, and ground force airborne troops.

IRGC Ground Forces began military drills in the southwestern province of Khuzestan on Thursday.


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