2nd shipment of Russian vaccine sent to Iran

Moscow (IP) - The ambassador of the Islamic Republic of Iran to the Russian Federation announced that the second shipment of Russian vaccine called 'Sputnik V' was sent to Tehran.

Iran Press/Europe: Kazem Jalali added in an interview: "The second consignment of Russian Sputnik-V coronavirus vaccine was delivered to the Iranian embassy on Thursday night as promised by Russian health officials, and was sent to Tehran by a private flight today, Friday."

He said: "According to the plan, the third shipment will be sent on March 20, and the next shipments will continue in the same procedure every two weeks until reaching two million full doses." 

Jalali stated: "During the visit of the delegation of the Ministry of Health of Iran this week, good talks were held between the officials of the Ministry of Health of Iran and Russia, which could be a turning point in the relations between the two countries in the field of health."

Iranian diplomat went on to say: "Iran attaches special importance to health cooperation with Russia and for this reason has sent a delegation at such a level that we consider this a turning point." 

Regarding the agreement between Tehran and Moscow on the joint production of Sputnik vaccine in Iran, the Ambassador of the Islamic Republic of Iran highlighted: "Much earlier than expected, Iran and Russia agreed on the joint production of vaccine and production of Sputnik vaccine in Iran will begin soon."

Jalali underscored: "With the start of vaccine production in our country, the Islamic Republic of Iran can meet the needs of neighbouring countries as a regional hub, in addition to vaccinating Iranian citizens."

Jalali noted: "The representatives of the Islamic Republic of Iran and Russia on Wednesday signed an agreement on broad cooperation in the field of health, treatment and health, which also provides for the possibility of joint production of vaccines."


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