Tehran (IP) - President of Iran's Supreme National Defense University said that a serious geopolitical struggle was taking place in the world and stressed that in the north, east, and west of Iran, there is a serious conflict in the field of energy and transportation.

Iran PressIran News: Referring to the geopolitical developments in the world, Ahmad Vahidi stated that China, as a great economy, Russia as a world power, and Turkey and other countries were pursuing their interests.

Regarding the liberation of the Republic of Azerbaijan's territories, he noted that some, including the Zionist Regime, had tried to take advantage of this victory while Iran, despite playing an important role in this victory, had no expectations.

He added that another geopolitical development was in the Red Sea that profiteers were trying to take advantage of.

Vahidi highlighted that in another geopolitical area, the enemies were trying to isolate Iran in energy and transportation lines.

"In the north, east, and west of Iran, there is a serious conflict in the field of energy and transportation. The Turkish train travels 8,000 kilometers to China, while this route is 6,500 kilometers from Iran, and efforts are being made to isolate Iran in this regard," he said.

Vahidi pointed out that the Caspian Sea's geopolitical area was trying to establish a regime in which Iran had the least interests, and this was not fair.

"In Iraq and Syria, the issue of separatism was raised by the enemies' efforts, but these conspiracies were thwarted by the vigilance of the two countries' nations and the efforts of Martyr Soleimani," he underlined.

"In the Mediterranean, the Zionist Regime is also pursuing its own interests and has entered the Lebanese lines, but this regime will undoubtedly disappear soon, and this will also be a great geopolitical change," he said.

He went on to say that Iran sought a civilized order and the interests of all mankind.

Vahidi concluded that geopolitical order was enemies' conspiracy who had chosen conflict over interaction, but Iran's goal was only a civilized order.


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