Tehran (IP) - Alireza Raeisi, the spokesman for the National Headquarters for Coronavirus Control, said the number of orange cities had doubled and the yellow cities had also increased.

Iran Press/Iran News: Alireza Raeisi said in a press conference on Saturday about the latest situation of Corona in different cities of Iran, the number of blue cities has decreased and it was still necessary to comply with health protocols.

Explaining the latest status of Corona vaccine production in the country,  the spokesman for the National Headquarters for Coronavirus Control, added that Iran developed vaccines are in the process of quality control and the Razi Institute will enter the human trial phase on February 7.

Raeisi expressed hope that with the general observance of health protocols, the night of Eid and Nowruz 1400 will be good for everyone.

The spokesman said, there is no red zone in the country, adding that by strict observance of health protocols and avoiding any gathering, the new wave of the disease can be prevented. 


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