The spokesman for the Principle 90 Commission in the Iranian parliament said on Tuesday that 9 vaccination projects are being perused on different platforms.

Iran PressIran news: Ali Khezrian, the spokesman for the principle of 90 commission, at a public session of parliament on Tuesday elaborated on Iran's COVID-19 manufacturing process.

According to the report read by Khezrian, in Iran, a total of 9 vaccination projects are being pursued on different platforms.

Shefa Pharmed's vaccine corona vaccine (in collaboration with Imam Khomeini order executive staff) is in phase one of clinical studies, and the Pasteur Institute vaccine, prepared in collaboration with Cuba, is on the verge of entering phase three in humans. The Razi vaccine is also licensed for clinical study, and other vaccines are in the preclinical or animal studies phase.

According to the officials of Execution of Imam Khomeini's Order, the production capacity of the Barakat vaccine is estimated to be three million doses per month. It should be noted that equipment has been purchased and Barakat Company will launch it in July and after using it, it will be able to produce a maximum of 15 million doses per month.

In order to provide the vaccine needed by Iranians to fight the COVID-19 disease, 16.8 million doses of vaccine have been purchased from the international mechanism at a price of 10.5 dollars, worth 177 million and 240 thousand dollars.

He went on to stress that the government had to do its utmost to provide vaccines from reliable sources with priority given to domestic sources.

 Referring to the fact that Vaccine imports from the United States, Britain, and France, whose hostility to the honorable people of Iran has been proven, Khezrian highlighted that they should be eliminated.

He also concluded that any proposal on vaccine productions should be pursued via active knowledge-based companies.


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