Tehran (IP) - Appreciating Iran's medical achievement in containing COVID-19, the president said on Saturday mourning that there was a concern that the British mutated virus could be seen elsewhere in the world, as it is in Africa today.

Iran Press/Iran News: Speaking on Saturday morning at a meeting of the National Task Force Against Coronavirus, Iran’s President Hassan Rouhani stated It was not clear how long the Corona deaths will continue.

"We have to thank the people and the medical staff for the achievement, and the death toll has declined to double-digit due to efforts of all," added he.

Stating that the reduction of  the death toll is an honor the president added, "Even though some countries in the world are more powerful in terms of industry and medical facilities, but at the same time their suffering is very high and they are not completely able to control the disease."

Underlining that the declining death toll does not mean that the conditions are favorable and that 70 people die a day is not a small number as well, Rouhani added, in many areas, the number of death tolls was declining, but in some provinces, it had stopped, and this can be worrying.

Rouhani also voiced concern about the mutation of COVId-19 elsewhere in the world special in Africa.

"The Coronavirus has not only not been weakened in the world, but it also has become more pathogenic and contagious," he concluded.


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