Iran's Zarif to Biden's top diplomat:

Tehran (IP) - Iranian Foreign Minister said that his country's missile program and regional policies are not part of the 2015 nuclear deal between Tehran and world powers.

Iran Press/Iran News: Mohamma Jvad Zarif made the comment in his Wednesday press conference in respnse to the Biden's proposed candidate for the US Secretary of States on Tuesday. 

Addressing the reporters, Zarif pointed to the French Le Figaro's claim that Iran's Iranian representative to the United Nations, Takht Ravanchi had consulted with Joe Biden's team in New York, and noted that "the Figaro reporter did not check that Mr. Takht Ravanchi was in Iran at the time and was in quarantine for a week when he returned to New York."

"We have a strong agreement, and it is not possible to renegotiate," speaking about re-negotiation on JCPOA, Foreign Minister Javad Zarif told reporters today on the sidelines of a cabinet meeting.

"The Trump administration is going to the dustbin of history today," Zarif said, adding that the administration did not show mercy to the so-called Center for American Democracy and the US Congress.

"The United States must live up to all of its commitments and lift the sanctions imposed by Trump," he said.

Regarding the criticism that the government's negotiation path was wrong, Zarif said: "Reaching agreement and writing a text means that both you and the other party must be satisfied. If the critics make a better deal, I will bow down to them."

FM Zarif says Takht Ravanchi has not negotiated with US


Elsewher, minister also said about the JCPOA: "Europeans are fully aware that in the last three years, the country that has maintained the JCPOA with respecting the interests of its people and in the interests of the international community, has been Iran."

He stressed that the Europeans had not succeeded in even a very small initiative called INSTEX: "They could not provide financial resources for INSTEX. Even the spokesman of the UN Secretary-General announced yesterday that Iran's money is ready in South Korea and the UN has not been able to transfer this money to New York to receive Iran's quota."

The high ranking official stated that whatever Europe and the United States want to hide behind some allegations has no effect and stressed that the same was true for regional issues. It is the United States, France, and Europe that have set our region on fire, dumped weapons, and turned the region into a gunpowder depot.

Referring to the failure of the policy of maximum pressure, Zarif noted: "People defeated the pressure with their resistance, and the diplomacy of the Islamic Republic of Iran also defeated the United States in international fora with the support of the people. Last week, 110 countries voted against the United States in the General Assembly, and only 10 voted in favor of the United States, despite American efforts." 

He said the new US administration should learn from this situation: "Does the new US administration want to have that policy, scandal, and greed against the world or does it want to choose a new method. As the Leader said, we are not in a hurry, but we are keeping our promise. If the sanctions are lifted and the Europeans live up to their commitments, we will live up to our commitments. 

"The ball is in their court," he said, "the new US administration is not going to appease anyone, it is just going to sign its commitments. We will not pursue appeasement from them for signing and fulfilling their obligations. We are not looking to extort money from anyone. They have obligations, they have caused damage to the Iranian nation. We need to see how ready they are to live up to their commitments."


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