Makran (IP)- The 65th Special Forces Brigade of Army of the Islamic Republic of Iran successfully carried out a hybrid operation on the Makran coast in Iranian Army ground forces exercise “Eqtedar99 (authority99) Drills.”

Iran PressIran News:  According to the Iran Press News Agency, the 65th Special Forces Brigade successfully carried out infiltration and attack operations in a combined and simultaneous manner by conducting mobile air operations.

The divers of the 65th Army Special Forces Brigade in this part of the exercise were divided into 2 groups and landed on the surface of the water with Boeing CH-47 Chinooks and penetrated deep into the sea and destroyed the naval targets, and the second group destroyed the bases installed on the coast.

Relying on their multiple individual skills, including free-fall and tactical infiltration from land, air, and sea, these divers were able to operate various dimensions of these in Iranian Army ground forces in “Eqtedar (authority) 99” Army of the Islamic Republic of Iran drills and successfully infiltrate and attack tactics.

Disruption of the control system of the enemy command, forest, and communications at sea level, as well as the combined operation of paratroopers of the Army with the support of various helicopters on the surface and in the waters of the Oman Sea, was one of the tactics used in this military exercise.

Iran Army's 'Eqtedar 99' ground force drills began Tuesday morning with the participation of Shiraz Airborne Brigades, Special Forces, and Rapid Reaction, as well as with the Air Force's extensive support on the Makran coast in southeastern Iran.


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