Makran (IP) - Joint airborne operations with offensive mechanized equipment in the first phase of the Army Ground Forces exercise 'Eghtedar 99', for the first time, a joint airborne brigade offensive operation was carried out on the Makran coast using a variety of weapons and mechanized equipment.

Iran PressIran News: According to Iran Press News Agency, the 55th Airborne Brigade of the Army Ground Forces in the first phase of the exercise by performing parachuting operations and using BMP2 personnel carriers, which for the first time during the exercise was done in combination carried out offensive operations plans.

The air force, in the form of hundreds of paratroopers, landed at designated locations during a pre-determined operation by several C-130 Army Air Force aircraft, and at the same time dropped weapons and military equipment, including motorcycles, 107 mm rocket launchers as well as 23 mm cannons in the general training area, using this equipment, attacked and captured targets on the coast.

The use of upgraded personnel carriers by the Air Force, the invasion operation using and supporting a variety of weapons, the capture of coastal areas, the loading of armored equipment and light heavy weapons in the shortest possible time, and the implementation of operations consistent with real scenes, including Ground Force Airborne and Rapid Reaction Forces were considered as the strength points at this stage of the exercise.


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