The President-elect of the United States has appointed acting secretary of the United States Department of Defense.

Iran Press/America: US President-elect Joe Biden today (Thursday) appointed David Norquist, the Pentagon's deputy secretary for finance, as acting head of the Pentagon.

Norquist will remain acting chief of the Pentagon till  Lloyd Austin, Biden's nominee, is approved by US Senate.

Last month, Joe Biden formally nominated Austin for the post of Secretary of Defense.

Gen. Lloyd Austin, 67, served as Deputy Chief of Joint Chiefs of Staff from January 31, 2012, to March 8, 2013, and then he was Commander of the U.S. Forces in West Asia until 2016.

According to US law, at least seven years must have been passed before a retired general could serve as Pentagon director, meanwhile, Austin retired in 2016. 

If approved by the senate, Lloyd Austin will be the first black Secretary of Defense in the United States. 219