Tehran (IP) - Plasma Assistance Non-Invasive Surgery (PANIS ) inventor said that Iran is the first country that applies the PANIS method in the world to treat eye diseases.

Iran PressIran news: Vice President of the Vision Health Center Farhad Nejat stated that 14-15 eye diseases that needed operating room and anesthesia are now treated by the PANIS method.

The International Eye Surgery Academy has approved the PANIS method, Nejat added.

He noted that the method's animal trial had taken around one and half years and its human trial was kicked off two years ago.

The PANIS method inventor said that many European countries like Italy, Germany, Spain, Ukraine, or Turkey, and Saudi Arabia in the region are sharing and exchanging their experiences with the Islamic Republic of Iran.

Eye disease treatment with Plasma happens for the first time because Plasma has been used in medicine for many years, he continued.

Farhad Nejat added: "Over the past 20 years, plasma therapy has been applied for treating cancer, dentistry, dermatology, scar, and in the past four years has successfully been applied on ocular surface disorders, which compromise the integrity of the cornea surface and conjunctiva." PANIS generator is made in Italy, but the method is absolutely indigenized, he highlighted. 

Safety, easy use, low price, the fast-paced wound healing process, and promoting ocular surface regeneration in different pathological conditions are the most noteworthy features of the method, stressed the ophthalmologist.

The novel method is also exercised for skin lesions, vulvar and vaginal atrophy, plastic and reconstructive gynaecology, said Farhad Nejat.

Plexr oculoplastic is a method of operation on the eyes, which is considered as a soft surgery nowadays spreading with its clinical usages being added. It’s a fast but permanent treatment that is beyond a non-invasive surgery. The treatment has no bleeding, incision, scar, and anesthesia, and is free from permanent complication. 

Plexr is the only patent-holder of micro-plasma generators in medicine, particularly oculoplastic, including sublimation without surgery.

The ceremony of the PANIS method introduction in which the specialists of an Iranian knowledge-based company succeeded for the first time in the world to discover a new method to treat eye diseases without the need for the operating-room, pain, and anesthesia was held in Tehran on 8th Jan 2021.


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