Tehran (IP) - The Leader of the Islamic Revolution, delivering a speech on Friday on the occasion of the anniversary of the uprising of the people of Qom in January 9, 1978, said that the West Front and the enemies are obliged to end the sanctions on Iran.

Iran PressIran News: "The Western Front is obliged to put an end to this vicious move, that is, to end the sanctions immediately. This is their job. They must lift all sanctions," Ayatollah Sayyed Ali Khamenei said.

Other parts of the Leader's speech are as follows:

- About sanctions; The Western Front is obliged to put an end to this vicious move, that is, to end the sanctions immediately. This is their job. They must lift all sanctions.

- I repeat what I have said many times; They have to lift the sanctions, but we have to adjust the economy so that we can run the country in the best way despite the sanctions. Of course, sanctions are gradually becoming ineffective, but if they remain, we must plan the economy so that we do not have problems with the coming and going of sanctions and the enemy's role in the country's economy. This is what economists say is possible; Internal capacities are high and we have announced this in the form of resistive economic policies. The sanctions must be lifted.

- Regarding Iran's presence in the region, our system is obliged to behave in such a way that its friends in the region are strengthened. This is our duty. Our presence means strengthening our friends. We should not do anything to weaken the loyalists of the Islamic Republic in the region. Our presence is stabilizing and this has been proven. The issue of ISIL and the like has been recorded.

- Therefore, the presence of regions is definite and will exist.

- But about defense power; The system of the Islamic Republic has no right to position the defense in such a way that a person like Saddam comes to bomb our cities and his MiG-25 plane comes in the skies of Tehran and we cannot do anything. The Europeans had given him missiles coming from Baghdad to Tehran.

- Today, our defense power is such that our enemies are forced to calculate Iran's capabilities. When our missile can shoot down the American aggressor drone in our skies, and when Iranian missiles can hit the Ain al-Assad base in this way, the enemy has considered these capabilities of Iran in its military decisions. We should not leave the country defenseless.

Leader noted that the movement of the people on the 9th of January was the first blow o on the body of the "Great Idol". This was the first blow by the people of Qom inflicted on the great American idol.

This movement continued and today you see the condition of the great idol. It is their electoral system, it is their human right to kill an innocent black person every few hours or at least every few days. These are American values ​​that are ridiculed today. This is their paralyzed economy.

The strangest thing is that the qibla of some people is still America.

- The reason for the uprising of the people of Qom was not only the presence of the President of the United States. This was the burst out of the nation's inner anger, otherwise, for 25 years the United States would have put all kinds of pressure on the people and made Iran its main base by the authoritarian and corrupt Pahlavi regime, and the result would not have been progress for our people, but economic poverty, scientific poverty, and cultural diversion.

- Now some people think that if we reconcile with the United States and become friends, the country will be a paradise, not to see the situation of the countries that are friends of American charity.

- This is what some ask, what is the difference between the United States and a European country; Because they have been happy in this country for years, they are constantly thinking of returning to that situation. Of course, some traitorous governments in the region are also helping it.

- The United States sees its own interests in destabilizing the region. Unless he completely dominates the region. Until then, the Americans have a vested interest in regional instability.

-"We do not want stability in Iran, Iraq, Syria, and Lebanon," said a prominent American think tank expert known to many. We do not want stability in these countries. The main issue is not the necessity or non-necessity of instability in these countries, but how to create instability. Somewhere with ISIS, at the same time with the sedition of 2009 and the things you see, they are doing in the region.

- Then an American idiot says that Iran is causing instability in the region,… "NO" Iran is facing instability. In 2009, the United States wanted to destabilize Iran, as happened in 2021. When some people entered Capitol Hill, the members of Congress escaped through the secret corridors. They wanted to do the same thing in Iran and start a civil war, but God Almighty did not succeed. Then the Almighty God brought this calamity upon them.

- We overcame many obstacles and the ultimate goal is to create a new Islamic civilization. A generation may not achieve this goal, but it will continue. We must overcome the evils they created against the country. Our position on the United States stems from this philosophy.

- But about the issues of the day; One of the recurring issues in the challenge between the Islamic Republic and the US-led arrogant front is the issue of sanctions, one is the presence of Iran in regional issues, one is Iran's defense capability and Iran's missile power. They say this constantly and make a grievance and this side also gives an answer. Of course, our domestic officials have given the answer to arrogance in all three issues. Also, our popular slogans have answered them, but I will give a final word.


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