Twenty-Five persons were martyred and 13 others injured on Wednesday in a terrorist attack on their bus in the Kobajjeb area on the road between Deir Ez-Zur and Palmyra, Syria.

Iran Press/Middle East: Unidentified assailants attacked a bus traveling on the Deir Ezzor-Palmyra Road (M20) near Kobajjeb in Deir Ez-Zur Governorate at approximately 16:00 Dec. 30.

The attack claimed the lives of 25 persons and the injury of 13 others who were admitted to Deir Ezzor hospitals.

There were no immediate claims of responsibility for the attack. Unconfirmed media reports identified the attackers as Daesh terrorist remnants, supported by the US occupation forces in the al-Tanf area near the Syrian –Iraqi-Jordanian borders.