Zali: Iran to unveil various technologies for producing COVID-19 vaccines

Tehran (IP) - The commander of Corona Disease Management Operation in the metropolis of Tehran said on Wednesday that in the next few days, Iran would unveil various technologies for making corona vaccines with other platforms that were domestically and nationally produced.

Iran Press/Iran News: Alireza Zali said on Wednesday during Martyr Soleimani's exercise entitled "Controlling the corona pandemic" in Moshiria, South Eastern Tehran: "Because of the complexities of the coronavirus and its various mutations, the technique of making the vaccine is very complicated."

The commander of the corona disease management operation in Tehran metropolis noted: "Yesterday, the domestically produced corona vaccine was unveiled and used, which it will be considered as the beginning of a large number of types of corona vaccines."

He added: "In the upcoming days, the technology of making corona vaccine with DNA and RNA platforms, subunit and recombinant protein, which has approached the human stage in scientific institutes with a long history in the country, will be exploited. In addition, the phenomenon of making vaccines has several scientific phrases that are in the implementation stage."

The commander of Corona disease management operation in the metropolis of Tehran stated: “The manufacture and production of these vaccines show that our country is moving forward rapidly in the field of domestic production of this vaccine.”

He added: "But since Iran is a populated country is large and the process of making vaccines is time-consuming, we ask the government to speed up the import of corona vaccines to be injected into high-risk groups that are in priority."

"Since the outbreak of the coronavirus due to the complexity of the virus, many vaccine companies around the world have developed vaccines with 156 of the world's largest scientific and research companies with a long-lasting record of manufacturing vaccines getting involved.", the official noted.

Zali went on to say: "Only 10% of these companies were able to reach the next phases of vaccine production, while we see that our country has been successful with scientific knowledge in this field."

He referred to the neighbourhood-based project of Martyr Soleimani entitled "Controlling the Corona pandemic", saying: "This is a successful public project that has helped to reduce the number of cases and deaths in Corona."

The official said: “Martyr  Lt. Gen Soleimani is our national symbol in the fields of self-belief and dignity, who was able to reach this stage of popularity with humility and democracy.”

He emphasized: "If today the people of the world and all the oppressed of the world look at Martyr Soleimani as a transnational and national martyr, it was because of his democratic spirit and behaviour that he dealt with people passionately regardless of his position."


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