Tehran (IP) - Deputy of Iran's Health Minister said no symptom was observed in those who received the Iranian coronavirus vaccine in the last 24 hours.

Iran Press/Iran News: In an exclusive interview with Iran Press, Alireza Raeesi said that the third dose of the Iranian coronavirus vaccine would be injected 28 days later if everything goes well. Iran reaches mass production in next year's spring.

Raeesi emphasized that if the Iranian Coronavirus vaccine went through all stages, it could be reliable.

He went on to say that Iran has 100 background experience and technology in producing vaccines, and Iranian scientists have enough self-confidence in this regard.

If we hear about Iranian success in various parts of the world it is believable; I do not know why producing vaccines many hesitate although it is foreign media and those who cannot see Iran's progress, a health official added.

Iran benefits from high technology and confirmed standards of WHO in producing vaccines, he highlighted.

He noted that it is said that the Iranian coronavirus vaccine is the same as the Chinese one, it is clear that the platforms are the same everywhere in Iran, China, and even Europe, but what we have used in Iran in inactivated virus platform (same as China) while other countries use mRNA (like Pfizer and Maderna).

In another part of this interview regarding how the health ministry tries to safely and securely provide coronavirus vaccine, the deputy minister stated that negotiations had been done. After producing the Coronavirus vaccine, WHO with the cooperation of seventy rich countries worldwide created COVAX to make coronavirus available for all countries. Many countries are on this list, and Iran is not an exception.

Raeesi added that the countries in this list are about to put some shares of their vaccine production in COVAX, and based on WHO's the priority, it will be distributed among countries.


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