Germany, the current president of the European Union, announced on Tuesday that the EU had ratified a trade agreement with the UK.

Iran PressEurope: German Foreign Minister Heiku Maas tweeted that all 27 members of the European Union had ratified the agreement, adding: "We have managed to prevent the beginning of a chaotic year."

The UK-EU post-Brexit co-operation document was agreed on Thursday after nearly 10 months of grueling negotiations.

The full text of the document, which includes 1,246 pages of agreements between the two sides on nuclear energy cooperation, exchange of classified intelligence, and a set of declarations by both sides, now must be approved by the British and EU parliaments.

Yesterday, the ambassadors of the 27 member states of the European Union unanimously approved it, paving the way for its temporary implementation from the new year. Members of the British Parliament are also scheduled to vote on the agreement tomorrow, Wednesday.

Given the green light of the main opposition party (Labor), the agreement is expected to be approved by a majority vote. 219