Tehran (IP) – Iranian Parliament's Presiding Board spokesman said the upcoming budget bill's unsuitable structure must be changed whether in the tax system or other sectors.

Iran PressIran News: In response to Iran Press question on the general points of the upcoming budget bill and its implementation, Mohammad-Hossein Farhangi stated on Monday that the members of the 2021 Budget Integration Commission, as well as the chairmen of the Planning and Budget Commission, Budget Integration Commission, and the head of the Research Center, expressed their views on the bill.

Farhangi explained that there were 5 in favor and 5 against MPs who expressed their views on the general points of next year's budget bill.

Those who were against the approval of the budget bill's general points believed that it is not possible to amend the bill in the parliament, and many objections for revenues and budget deficits have raised, so it has been referred to the government to review, he added.

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Farhangi noted: "We should not waste opportunities while the government has opened the way for revenues and expenditures."

At the end of the meeting, Parliament's Speaker Mohammad Baqer Qalibaf summarized what has been discussed, stating that it will be announced tomorrow before the parliament's open session. He noted that no voting took place in today's meeting, and all the members outlined their agreement and disagreement.

On Tuesday, 29th December 2020, the Budget Integration Commission will vote on the 2021 budget bill's general points, and then the revenues and expenses will be examined.

The results of the examinations will be referred to the parliament session after two weeks. Still, if the general points are rejected tomorrow, they will be referred to the open session again immediately, he explained.


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