Iran (IP)- The Iranian President described the 1400 budget as coherent, purposeful, realistic, and accurate, saying that the approval of the budget bill is a sign of determination and will to solve problems and create openings for the people and economic activists.

Iran Press/Iran News: At the 191st meeting of the government's Economic Coordination Board, in the presence of President Hassan Rouhani, the coordination of executive bodies to regulate the market of agricultural products and issues related to the review of the 2021 budget bill in the country's Parliament was discussed.

Referring to the pressure of economic war on the underprivileged, as well as producers and entrepreneurs, especially those in charge of the country's development, the president stressed: "People expect the country's officials to solve the problems, and pave the way for economic development."

Rouhani considered the approval of the budget bill as a strong sign of the country's determination to solve problems, and create openings for people and economic activists, saying: "The 2021 budget bill is the result of detailed studies on the country's development route and accurate assessment of the public needs from different walks of life, and in this sense, next year's budget, while coherent and purposeful, is realistic and accurate as well."

Rouhani pointed out: "The main topics, coordinates, and variables proposed in the budget bill are the result of experiences gained from the three-year struggle against sanctions and economic war imposed by the enemy, with the aim of neutralizing them, and finally removing economic pressures as well as improving people's livelihoods and removing barriers to production."

"The government is not only Egypt that exports 2.3 million barrels of oil per day, but also expects the Ministry of Petroleum to prepare the conditions for its increase, and we must use all domestic and international resources to achieve this goal, which is the right of the Islamic Republic of Iran to gain market share," Rouhani stated.  

Rouhani called the policy of self-reliance, fair system of distribution and supply of basic commodities along with price control one of the most important goals of the government to meet the living needs of the people and increase the resilience of vulnerable groups, adding: "In addition to production, the distribution cycle of basic commodities must be carried out with a transparent and coordinated mechanism and under the supervision of the Ministries of Industry, Mine and Trade and Agriculture Jihad to prevent any violations such as exploitation of opportunities and monopoly in the country."

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