Tehran (IP) - Iran's President, stating that the number of red cities in the country has reached zero, noted that the unity, empathy, and trust of the people in the health expertise of our country saved us from this terrible wave.

Iran Press/Iran News: At the 49th meeting of the National Coronavirus Disease Management Headquarters on Saturday, Hassan Rouhani congratulated the nurses on the occasion of Nurse Day who made extraordinary efforts in the past year and said that in order to support nurses and support the health of the people of the community in the Yalda ceremony, which has always been and is based on respect for the elder of the family and peace of mind, for the health of the elders of the family, visits should be stopped and perform the ceremony without attending in gathering via telephone and social media. 

"In the last two months, the people, businesses, guilds, public transportation, and families have been very cooperative," the president said, recalling the slogan "Let's not gather to not be reduced." "We were very worried about the first of Azar and our 160 cities were red, but now the number of our red cities is zero and we do not have a red city. This is due to the efforts of dear people."

He went on to say: "Facing Coronavirus, the people, the government and the medical staff and all the forces that took the burden of responsibility joined hands, and it was the unity, empathy, and trust of the people in the country's health expertise that saved us from this terrible wave."

Referring to the statistics, Rouhani made the remark that when we looked at the statistics and graphs, almost everywhere the third wave was more than the previous wave. The virus had gotten stronger and we had a cold.


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