Tunisian Prime Minister says his country has no intention of following in Morocco’s footsteps and normalize ties with Israel regime.

Iran Press/Africa: In an interview with broadcaster France 24 on Monday, Hichem Mechichi said: “For Tunisia, the question is not on the agenda.”

“Every country has its own reality, its own truth and its own diplomacy, which it considers best for its people,” Mechichi said.

Also, former Tunisian President  Friday condemned the controversial announcement of normalization of relations between Morocco and the Israel regime.

US President Donald Trump announced last week that the Israel regime and Morocco "have agreed to full diplomatic relations," calling the deal a "massive breakthrough" for peace in the Middle East.

In a statement, Morocco’s Royal Office confirmed that the country intends to resume official contacts and diplomatic relations with the Israel regime “as soon as possible,” the state-run news agency MAP reported.

The news made Morocco the fourth nation to normalize ties with Tel Aviv after Sudan declared official normalization of relations with the Israel regime and a halt to any aggression with the Isreal regime in October.

In September, Bahrain and the UAE agreed to establish full diplomatic, cultural, and commercial relations with the Israel regime after signing controversial agreements at the White House.

The deals have drawn widespread condemnation from Palestinians, who say the accords ignore their rights and do not serve the Palestinian cause.


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