Paolo Rosi, Italian hero of the 1982 World Cup dies

The legend of the 1982 World Cup, an Italian striker has passed away at the age of 64, announced by his wife and several Italian media from Wednesday night to Thursday.

Iran PressEurope: Italian international footballer Paolo Rosi, the hero of the 1982 World Cup won by Squadra Azzura, has died at the age of 64, his widow and several transplant media have announced.

The news of his disappearance was taken from the Italian media on Wednesday to Thursday, which immediately paid tribute to the legendary Italian striker surname 'Pablito'.

He was "the man who cried to Brazil and took Azurri de Bairjot to win the World Cup", reported La Repubblica, for his part.

The news of Rossi’s death comes less than two weeks after Argentina veteran Diego Maradona passed away.

Paolo Rossi, who should not have played in the 1982 World Cup, eventually became its hero, scoring six goals during the competition in Spain.

In Spain, Paolo Rossi explodes during a stalwart Italy-Brazil (3-2) with a hat-trick that ends the Selecao and sends Squadra Azzura to the semi-finals. Against Poland, he offered himself a double and a spot in the final. In this final match against FRG, Tuscan scored the first three Italian goals (3–1).

Italy won their third World Cup, and Paolo Rossi finished the best player and scorer. And Ballon d’Or crowns this extraordinary year.

He goes to rival AC Milan. Handicapped by injuries, his Milan episode was a failure. Just like Hellas Verona.

In 1987, Rossi decided to turn the page at the age of 31 after nearly 400 league games, 154 goals, and 48 caps (20 goals).


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