Tehran (IP) - Criticizing the recent statement of EU3, the Speaker of the Islamic Consultative Assembly said: "The Europeans' request from Iran's government not to implement the law on the lifting of sanctions is surprising ."

Iran PressIran news: On Sunday, the Iranian parliament passed a double-urgency motion necessitating strategic action for the lifting of the sanctions after the failure of the JCPOA’s European parties to fulfill Tehran’s interests and in the wake of the assassination of Iranian scientist Mohsen Fakhrizadeh.

On Tuesday, Mohammad Baqer Ghalibaf, during a meeting with the Italian Ambassador in Tehran Giuseppe Perrone, referring to the 160-year relations between the two countries, said: "Iran-Italy relations should not be influenced by unilateral, inhuman and illegal actions and behaviors of the United States. Relations should increase more than before. Companies and banks can prevent US coercion."

"The EU3 statement that asked our government not to implement this law was surprising, these three European countries who are emphasizing on democracy and legal obligations, they did a bad and strange thing," Ghalibaf added.

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He stressed: "Italy should not allow the other three countries to speak on behalf of Europe. The three EU3, which did not react to the recent terrorist attack in Tehran and the Iranian scientist's martyrdom, now say that the Iranian government should not implement the law."

Ghalibaf reminded: "This law is not Iran's withdrawal of JCPOA, but within the framework of the deal and according to Paragraphs 36 and 37, it allows the other side to reduce its obligations the parties do not fulfill their obligations." Referring to the US withdrawal from JCPOA, he said: "Despite the unilateral withdrawal of the United States from the nuclear deal, the same time, Europe is not fulfilling its obligations, how can Iran unilaterally adhere to its obligations?"

"Rome is determined to increase trade between Iran and Italy, and we are interested in growing relations," said Italian Ambassador Giuseppe Perrone.

Referring to the US presidential election, the Italian diplomat said: "With the new US administration, there will be an opportunity for the two countries to cooperate more than the past."


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