Iran (IP)- Iran's president said that despite the unprecedented pressures due to sanctions and the damage caused by the coronavirus outbreak in the country's economy, the summer economic indicators have been showing signs of hope.

Iran PressIran news: Speaking at the meeting of the Government Economic Cooperation Board on Tuesday, Hassan Rouhani stated: "Due to the investments made in strengthening and developing infrastructure, the country's economy was able to withstand severe shocks of sanctions and it is on the verge of returning to the path of stability and growth following the difficult years of 2018 and 2019."

Rouhani stressed: "Of course, the coronavirus outbreak brought a new shock to the economy that did not allow the effects of this improvement to be felt by the people, but fortunately, after 9 months of resistance against the double impact of the coronavirus, now the country's economy is on the verge of stability and growth."

Noting that unfortunately the coronavirus outbreak has made the country's economic success in the face of US sanctions intangible, Rouhani underscored: "In the current critical situation, the country needs cohesion and integration, and these days, we are witnessing the exploitation and abuse of the nation's ill-wishers of differences within the country, so we all have a duty to maintain the peace of the country and stress unity and solidarity."

Referring to the need to modernize and develop the country's public transport fleet, the president said: "In order to achieve the goals of the country's comprehensive transportation plans and providing desirable services to citizens, the country's public transportation system needs to inject a new fleet."

In this meeting, the necessary solutions for financing the modernization of the aviation fleet were discussed and the necessary decisions were made.


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