Iran (IP) - Iranian president said that the budget bill has been formulated with a realistic view and in accordance with the needs of society and people.

Iran Press/Iran news: Hassan Rouhani described supporting the low-income groups, compensating for inflation in the wages of employees, providing basic goods, and providing raw materials for production as the most important messages of the budget for the next Persian New Year (starting from March 21).

Speaking during the one hundred and eighty-fifth session of the government's Economic Coordination Board, Rouhani stated: "According to the conditions set in the budget of next Persian year, this budget contains clear and numerous messages and the economic situation of the country in the coming year, and from this point of view, both economic activists and the general public can receive a clear economic horizon for next year from the budget messages, and officials related to various economic fields can express these messages clearly to the public.”

Stressing the need to be ready to bring the country's oil production to normal capacity for export, Rouhani stated: "Due to sanctions imposed before Iran’s 2015 Nuclear Deal (officially known as the JCPOA), oil production and sales faced restrictions, but with the implementation of the JCPOA and the lifting of sanctions, we were able to increase oil sales to more than two million barrels in a short period of time, and despite operational tools and valuable experience, we are still ready for a rapid increase in oil production today.”

According to the decision of the government's Economic Board, the Ministry of Oil will take all necessary measures to prepare the resources and equipment of the oil industry for production and sale in proportion to the existing capacity within the next three months.”

The president said that the US economic war had created several obstacles to the country's oil and petrochemical exports. Still, US President Donald Trump's aspiration to reduce Iran's exports to zero had never materialized, and he will take that aspiration with him.”

Stressing that the coronavirus outbreak and sanctions have disrupted a significant portion of businesses, Rouhani noted: "In such an unprecedented situation, the government has used all possible strategies and capacities to promote the social and economic resilience of the disadvantaged and to support the labor force.”


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