Tehran (IP) - Vice-chairman of National Security and Foreign Policy Commission of Iran’s Parliament said that Josep Borrell admitted that violating the JCPOA agreement by Europe and the United States means betrayal to Iran.

Iran Press/Iran news: In a phone conversation with Iran Press on Sunday, Shahriar Heidari said: "Iran protested against the betrayal and said JCPOA is a bilateral commitment. Both sides must adhere to it."

Heidari stated that Iran unilaterally complied with its obligations while other parties to the agreement did not adhere to their obligations.

Iran's air and oil banking sanctions should have been lifted, he said. "The sanctions were not lifted, but the United States has added to them."

Emphasizing that Iran should not give the violators more opportunities, Heidari noted that more opportunities are not in Iran's interest, and the contracting party should fulfill its commitments.

JCPOA is enforceable when other parties are sincere in fulfilling their obligations, and the first step is lifting sanctions in the banking and oil fields, he concluded.

Josep Borrell earlier has said that JCPOA has gone into hibernation but has not died and Iranians have the right to feel betrayed.


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