Tehran (IP) - The composition of the Iranian national student chess team to participate in the Asian Championship has been determined.

Iran PressIran News: Mohammad Ebrahimzadeh, the secretary of the Chess Association of the University Sports Federation, said in an exclusive interview with Iran Press News Agency that with the end of the national team selection competitions, the best ones will be selected and invited to a training camp.

The secretary of the Chess Association of the University Sports added that the Asian Championship will start online on December 15 in Tehran and invitations have been sent to all Asian countries.

Mohammad Ebrahimzadeh said that the national student chess team won third place in the UAE World Championships 4 years ago and we hope that it will win a good title in the upcoming competitions due to its hosting points.

The secretary of the Chess Association of the University Sports Federation added that the most important Asian rivals of the national student chess team are India and China, but Iranian chess is also one of the top powers in Asia.

Mohammad Ebrahimzadeh stated that although the Asian Student Chess Championships are held online, the referees carefully monitor the games with the help of advanced software to ensure the correctness of the matches.


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