Thousands of protesters gathered outside the Zionist regime Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s official residence in the occupied Jerusalem al Quds on Saturday night, pressing ahead with their months-long campaign demanding his resignation.

Iran Press/Middle East: A mix of grassroots groups have held the weekly protests, saying Netanyahu should step down while he is on trial for corruption and because of his handling of the coronavirus in Israel.

After two lockdowns this year, Israel’s economy is struggling, and hundreds of thousands of Israelis remain out of work. Many protesters are Israelis who have lost their jobs.

After six months of demonstrations and with wintry weather setting in, participants remained vocal and animated Saturday. Nearly all wore masks, though not everyone observed social distancing.

Protesters held model submarines, a reference to a scandal over an Israeli purchase of German submarines in which several Netanyahu associates have been implicated.

Smaller protests also took place at junctions and overpasses across Israel, and at Netanyahu’s private home in the upscale coastal town of Caesaria.