Donald Trump persisted with claims of voter fraud on Saturday and his allies called for an audit of results from a Michigan county that voted overwhelmingly for Democrat Joe Biden.

Iran Press/America: According to Reuters, on Saturday, a group of Republican politicians and voters filed a lawsuit in state court in Pennsylvania arguing that a 2019 law that cleared the way for expanded absentee voting was unconstitutional. They sought to block authorities from certifying that Biden won 81,000 more votes than Trump in the state, and instead allow the Republican-controlled legislature to decide who won the election.

Trump summoned a delegation of the battleground state’s Republican leadership, including the Senate majority leader and House speaker, in an apparent extension of his efforts to persuade judges and election officials to set aside Biden's 154,000-vote margin of victory and grant Trump the state's electors. It came amid mounting criticism that Trump’s futile efforts to subvert the results of the 2020 election could do long-lasting damage to US political traditions.

The US mainstream media, such as the Associated Press, declared Biden the winner of the US election two weeks ago, while Trump has repeatedly refused to concede defeat, claiming without any evidence that he won the election and widespread fraud has happened in key states such as Pennsylvania and Michigan in which the Electoral votes in both states went to Biden.

As of Saturday, Biden had a total of 79,816,557 votes across the United States, while Trump received 73,781,603 votes.

According to media reports, Biden has won 306 electoral votes so far, and Trump has 232 votes as president in the White House.