As the vote count continues in some US states, Joe Biden victory surpasses Donald Trump with more than 6 million votes.

Iran Press/America: The US mainstream media, such as the Associated Press, declared Biden the winner of the US election two weeks ago, while Trump has repeatedly refused to concede defeat, claiming without any evidence that he won the election and widespread fraud has happened in key states such as Pennsylvania and Michigan in which the Electoral votes in both states went to Biden.

As of Saturday, Biden had a total of 79,816,557 votes across the United States, while Trump received 73,781,603 votes.

According to media reports, Biden has won 306 electoral votes so far, and Trump has 232 votes as president in the White House.

On the other hand, numerous lawsuits by the Trump administration and the Republican Party regarding election fraud have been unsuccessful due to insufficient evidence.

While December 8 is the last chance for states to resolve all disputes over the outcome of the election, Trump's team has stepped up pressure on Republican lawmakers and officials to delay the outcome. 219