Tehran (IP) - Hakim Hossein Khair-Andish, traditional medicine healer said that Iran is a forerunner in traditional medicine compared to China, the Chinese say when their traditional medicine doesn't work, they use Iranian's.

Iran Press/Iran news: Khair-Andish stated that Iran and the whole world are challenging with the COVID-19, so to contain it, there are some ways؛ keeping social distancing, wearing face masks, and washing hands.

It is better to avoid crowded places; if you can't, wearing a face mask is a must, he noted. 

He said that dispensing medicine to contain the coronavirus deeply depends on the climate, weather conditions, and lifestyle.
Bloodletting is the other way to keep your body immune against the virus, he said. 

World Health Organization(WHO) and medical staff are trying to offer the best possible services during the outbreak, Hakim Hossein Khair-Andish stressed. 

The medical official highlighted that traditional medicine has come to assist the modern medical sector; like China, they believe that traditional medicine has a key role in treating the virus.

To avoid the virus, traditional medicine recommends keeping your body as warm as possible and consuming vegetables, mainly mint and savory. Also, smoothies such as apple and orange lime juices are suggested, he noted.

Iranian traditional medicine (ITM) is one of the most ancient forms of traditional medicine.

ITM is grounded in the concept of four humors: phlegm (Balgham), blood (Dam), yellow bile (Ṣafrā'), and black bile (Saudā').
The four humors concept is based on the teachings of Rhazes and Avicenna into an elaborate medical system.

Iran's Traditional Medicine is finding its place in the world

Hakim Hossein Khair-Andish, a traditional Iranian medicine healer, stated that Iranian Traditional medicine (ITM) is reverting to find its world position.

In an exclusive interview with IP on ITM's situation in the world and the herbal medicines that could contain the coronavirus, Khair-Andish said that Iran's traditional medicine is not so well known in the world that much, so it is reverting.

ITM by establishing a university now has 500 graduates, he said.

Hakim Hossein Khair-Andish added four herbal medicines to contain the COVID-19؛ one of them for inhaling, two for strengthening the lungs, and one that can be taken.

He stressed that the Ministry of Health would soon release medical instruction.


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