Tehran (IP) - Iranian President Hassan Rouhani, in the meeting of the National Task Force for Fighting Coronavirus on Saturday, issued a series of executive plans and restrictions to contain coronavirus outbreak, which will be imposed across the country as of next week beginning from November 21.

Iran PressIran news: President Rouhani stated that the general decision to impose restriction from November 21 (The first day of "Azar," which is the last month of Autumn), restrictions will be applied every week for the whole country, and regulations will be set for each city.

Hassan Rouhani said: We have been facing the coronavirus for almost 9 months. Unfortunately, a new wave of this virus has appeared globally and has created many problems for countries and people. 

Rouhani noted that each city would be behaved according to its situation, and all cities across the country will be monitored and reviewed every week, said: "This project will continue until the end of Coronavirus, and the headquarters and the Ministry of Health are most responsible for it.

"People should believe that this disease and the virus are now the uninvited guests of our society. It may be until next year because we have not yet received a definitive cure or vaccine," added President Rouhani.

President said: "The aim behind the restrictions is to give people a real view and touch of the present critical situation."

He called for all to help breeze through the condition with minimum loss.

The Spokeswoman for Iran's Ministry of Health, Sima Sadat Lari, announced on Friday that 738,322 people in the country had been infected with the coronavirus, and 546,642 of the total infected people have recovered.

According to definitive laboratory findings from yesterday to November 13, 2020, newly diagnosed patients with COVID-19 reached 11,737 cases, out of whom 2,967 patients were hospitalized, Lari stated.

She added that in the past 24 hours, 461 COVID-19 patients had lost their lives, bringing the total death toll to 40,582.5,630 COVID-19 patients are in critical condition.

Since its outbreak in December 2019, the coronavirus pandemic has killed over 1,300,000 people worldwide and infected more than 53 million.


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