Tehran (IP) - Head of Iran's Food and Drug Administration Mohamad-Reza Shanesaz stated that three Iranian companies are capable of producing 30 million Remdesivir and Favipiravir medicines weekly.

Iran Press/Iran news: The 5th virtual meeting of Iran's medical universities and faculties’ presidents with Health Minister Saeed Namaki was held on November 7 to discuss the latest on COVID-19.

During the meeting, Shanehsaz noted that Iran's Food and Drug Administration has taken significant measures to produce Remdesivir in Iran after it was approved by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA), while it faced challenges in mass-production during coronavirus infection peak.

Deputy Health Minister and gastroenterologist Reza Malekzadeh also highlighted that the virus’s transmission and spread rate have surged rapidly because of genetic changes.

"By studying the infected cases, it is proved that those with pre-existing conditions such as cancer are 90 percent shedding to infect others," he said.

"Significant plans are carried out to combat the COVID-19," said Malekzadeh. 

Early diagnosis, early treatment

Iran's Deputy Health Minister Qasem Janbabaei stated that outpatient treatment of COVID-19 is highly essential, adding that patients should not be afraid to be hospitalized because the coronavirus is curable.

Because of a potential risk of pulmonary fibrosis or respiratory failure in less than 24 hours, said Janbabaei, if a patient needs to be hospitalized, there must be no hesitation to do so.

He also emphasized that providing and checking the patients' oxygen is pivotal because if the patients receive more or less oxygen, their health will be threatened, noting that forming a respiratory-specialist team in each hospital admitting COVID-19 patients is a must. 


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