Preliminary results in the US presidential election show Biden wins Kentucky, Indiana goes to Trump

Iran PressAmerica: Preliminary results in the US presidential election for the state of Kentucky indicate that 52% of the votes cast go to Joe Biden and 45% of the votes were cast for Donald Trump.

The state of Kentucky has 8 electoral votes. Trump won the 2016 Kentucky electoral vote. Kentucky is traditionally reserved for Republicans, however, it seems this time the state has gone for a Democrat candidate.

In Indiana, preliminary results show that Donald Trump won 66 percent of the vote and Joe Biden won 31 percent.

Indiana has 11 electoral votes. Trump also won the 2016 Indiana electorate.

As the US presidential election is underway, many in the United States are worried about widespread social unrest following the announcement of the results.

US President Donald Trump has repeatedly claimed in his campaign rallies that his Democratic rival, Joe Biden, would have rigged the election if Biden announces winning the election.