Tehran (IP) - Iranian foreign minister's special assistant for political affairs voiced support for the progress of the Syrian Constitutional Committee, emphasizing trust among the committee members as the principled position of the Islamic Republic of Iran.

Iran Press/Iran news: Alexander Lavrentiev, special representative of the Russian president for the Syrian crisis, who heads a high-level political and military delegation in Tehran, continued his consultations on Wednesday with Ali-Asghar Khaji, the Iranian foreign minister's special assistant for political affairs.

Referring to the efforts of Iran and Russia to advance the work of the Syrian Constitutional Committee and the prominent role of the Astana process in forming this committee, Khaji welcomed the strengthening and development of Tehran-Moscow strategic cooperation in Syria, especially in humanitarian affairs and the return of peace and tranquility.

Pointing to the positive achievements of Tehran-Moscow cooperation in Syria, Lavrentiev also stressed the need to continue and strengthen consultations and collaboration between the two sides at various political and field levels.

Lavrentyev welcomed the progress made at the meetings of the Syrian Constitutional Committee and expressed hope that the committee would be able to continue its work until a final result.

The Special Representative of the Russian President also criticized putting obstacles by some countries in the way of the Syrian refugees’ return as a humanitarian issue.

During the meeting, the two sides discussed the latest developments in Syria, including the political process and the Constitutional Committee, the situation on the ground, especially the case of Idlib and Iran-Russia initiatives to help improve Syria's economic and humanitarian situation.

The members of the constitutional committee, which took almost two years of consultations to be formed, seek to reform the Arab country's constitution before it is put to the vote of the Syrian people.

Representatives of the Syrian government and opposition met in early November last year to discuss a future constitution, part of plans for a political settlement to end eight and a half years of war.


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