Tehran (IP) - Iranian president said that the end of a decade-old United Nations arms embargo against his country can be considered as a win against United States' "bullying".

Iran Press/Iran News: "Americans made great efforts over the years to deprive the Iranian nation of their rights, but they failed in achieving this goal," Hassan Rouhani said on Wednesday in a cabinet meeting, referring to the end of the arms embargo on Iran last Sunday.

"It does not matter how many weapons we buy or sell after the lifting of the arms embargo, but the important issue is that the logic of the right, law and rationality overcame coercion and bullying and the Iranian nation achieved its rights," he added.

The President said that the Americans wanted to kill the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA), adding, "The Americans and the Zionists tried to get all JCPOA parties out of it, and make the Board of Governors and the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) issue a resolution to force other countries to withdraw from the deal."

Rouhani stressed that they failed to achieve this goal, adding that Trump had no choice but to withdraw from the deal alone. He said, "This important and historic event must be carefully analyzed and explained to the people."

The President stated that the strategy of the Islamic Republic and the government was very smart and important in this regard, adding, "We pursued a very complex and well-calculated policy and went step by step in such a way that neither friends nor the enemies could object our actions."

Stating that there were days when even friends like Russia and China could not support Iran secure its rights, he said, "With wisdom and rationality, we could create conditions that our friends and even European countries supported Iran's rights."

Referring to the Security Council's ignoring of the United State's request to reimpose sanctions against Iran unprecedented in the history of the UN and UNSC, he said, "It is true that today, our people are under pressure, but our achievements in the international stage should be explained to them, so that they may relieve their suffering."

The President mentioned the United State's failures against the JCPOA as one of the manifestations of Imam Khomeini's (RA) historic sentence "America can't do a damn thing", adding, "Let us not forget that wherever we achieved a victory, it has been because of the unity, people's support, and Leader's guidance."

"The Islamic Republic of Iran does not care at all who will win the elections in the US, because any US government that takes office has no choice but to surrender to the Iranian nation," said Rouhani.

The President added, "It is everybody's responsibility to try to solve people's problems and help the government in doing so. The government cannot do anything without the help of other organs, and we will win this economic war like the 8-year Iran-Iraq war." 101

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