Despite new rule on microphone muting, Trump ready to debate Biden

US President will take part in the upcoming third round of presidential debates despite the fact that the Commission on Presidential Debates has decided to change the rules allowing for the muting of microphones, Trump campaign manager Bill Stepien said.

Iran PressAmerica: Stepien said in a Monday statement that the US president is committed to debating Joe Biden regardless of last-minute rule changes. He said that the debates commission was 'biased' and was trying to provide an advantage to their favored candidate.

Earlier on Monday, the commission issued a statement saying that Trump and his Democratic rival Joe Biden will have their microphones muted for parts of the upcoming debate in Nashville.

The third and last debate between Trump and Biden is scheduled to take place in Nashville, Tennessee on Thursday. The second round was canceled as Trump had contracted COVID-19, but refused to debate Biden virtually.

In the first presidential debate, held on 30 September, there were a lot of interruptions by both Trump and Biden. According to the debates commission, a change of rules for the last round of debates was made in order to ensure a more orderly discussion.


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