World reactions to Iran's arm embargo expire

Many world news agencies on 18th October reacted to the termination of UNSC Security arms restrictions against Iran.

Iran Press/Iran news: Maria Romas the former chief executive officer (CEO) of Absa Group twitted: "Iran can now buy and sell conventional weapons, after more than a decade-old United Nations embargo on Tehran expires."

All restrictions on the transfer of arms, related activities and financial services to and from Iran, and all prohibitions regarding the entry into or transit through territories of the UN member states previously imposed on a number of Iranian citizens and military officials, are automatically terminated, the ministry said on its website, according to Anadolu news agency.

Radio Free Europe Radio Liberty stated that October 18 marks the end of a decade-old United Nations arms embargo against Iran after the United States failed to overcome opposition within the UN Security Council to get it extended -- including opposition from Washington's European allies. Iran will once again be able to purchase and sell conventional weapons that include tanks, combat aircraft, and heavy artillery.

Despite opposition from the United States, a long-standing conventional arms embargo imposed on Iran has expired in line with the terms of a landmark nuclear deal between Iran and world powers, according to Aljazira. 

The embargo on the sale of arms to Iran was due to start expiring progressively from Sunday, under the terms of the UN resolution that blessed the 2015 nuclear deal between the Islamic republic and world powers, TRT reported. 

Reuters reported that Iran said it is self-dependent in defense and sees no arms buying spree as it expects the lifting of a United Nations arms embargo on Sunday despite strong US opposition.

On 18th October, the Iranian Foreign Ministry released a statement on termination of UNSC Security arms restrictions and travel ban, saying the definitive and unconditional termination of arms restrictions and travel bans requires no new resolution.


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