IFDA: Smuggled drugs discovered in Iraq not belonging to Iran

Tehran (IP) - Iran Food and Drug Administration (IFDA) announced that the smuggled drugs discovered in Iraq belonged to one of the neighboring countries and were transited only through the borders of Iran.

Iran Press/Iran news: Iraqi media reported last Thursday that the largest drug smuggling operation from Iran to Iraq had been discovered and thwarted in Diyala province in eastern Iraq.

The Food and Drug Administration of Iran on Saturday in a statement, referring to the impact of severe and oppressive US sanctions on the supply and import of some vital drugs and medical equipment to Iran, reminded: "The Ministry of Health of the Islamic Republic of Iran has used all internal capabilities so that patients do not feel the slightest worry about the supply of their medicines."

The statement also read, "As that part of the medicines needed by patients are provided with government currency and there is a possibility of abuse of some profiteers in the field of drug trafficking, in recent months, the Ministry of Health of Iran has launched comprehensive systems in addition to providing the medicine, has enabled the monitoring of the authenticity of health-oriented products for consumers, in case of smuggling violations through labeling, identification of the source and origin of the violation within the country."

The Food and Drug Administration of Iran, stating that the drugs found in Iraq are not Iranian at all and have only transited and entered Iraq through the Iranian border, stressing: "Traders who are after profiteering, in the field of public health, will be dealt with severely."


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