PA reacts to continuation of settlement construction in occupied lands

The Palestinian Authority's (PA) Foreign Ministry announced that Tel Aviv is still pursuing a plan to annex and occupy the Palestinian territories as its settlement construction continues in the occupied territories.

Iran PressEurope: Issuing a statement on Thursday, the Palestinian Authority's Foreign Ministry condemned the approval of the plan to build thousands of Israeli housing units in the Palestinian territories and called the Israeli cabinet's act a move aimed at the political destruction of the Palestinian issue.

Last day, PA's Spokesman for Foreign Ministry Nabil Aboradineh considered the Israeli regime's continued settlement construction in the occupied Palestinian territories in violation of all international resolutions and condemned the silence of international bodies over the issue.

He also condemned the normalization of relations between some Arab countries and the Israeli regime and the US government's support for the occupiers and their policies.

The Supreme Planning Council of the Israeli regime on Wednesday approved the construction of 2,166 new settlement units in the West Bank.


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