US President Donald Trump's campaign has called for a two-week postponement of the upcoming election debate.

Iran Press/America: Trump's campaign has said the purpose of the request is to hold face-to-face debates.

Biden's campaign also responded to this request saying that trump is not the person who determines the timing of election debates.

Donald Trump was admitted to Walter Reed Hospital last Friday with a positive Covid-19 test; then he was released from the hospital on Monday and returned to the White House.

Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden said he would run in the second round of the debates against Donald Trump, but health experts would have to confirm the safety of the event.

A group of Republicans opposed to Donald Trump who have endorsed Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden as part of the Lincoln project tweeted a critical post and cited the death of 200,000 Americans from the Coronavirus, blaming Trump for that death toll. 

Trump's behavior in removing the mask when he returned to the White House and his remarks about not giving in to the Coronavirus is facing severe criticism; on the other hand, the list of White House officials and infected with the Coronavirus is getting longer and longer.

Meanwhile, the results of a new poll show that the Democratic presidential candidate is still ahead of the US president.


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