Millions of Iraqis attend Arba'een Day ceremonies in Karbala

The Arbaeen pilgrimage and the special procession of this ceremony culminated on Wednesday evening with the arrival of the last groups of pilgrims who had walked for miles to the holy city Karbala.

Iran Press/Middle East: Mourning groups from different parts of Iraq walked to Karbala and today they will hold the Arbaeen ceremony and mourn for the third Shiite Imam, Imam Hussein (AS).

The Corona outbreak prevented Iranian pilgrims from attending the Arbaeen ceremony this year. In their Internet messages to Iran, most Iraqis assured their friends and comrades of previous years that they would make the Arbaeen pilgrimage on their behalf.

Iranians, who could not go to Karbala this year due to the outbreak of the Coronavirus, are mourning in their homes today (Thursday) while reciting the Arbaeen supplications, in unison with the Iraqi pilgrims in Karbala.

The latest reports indicate that millions of Iraqis have gathered in Karbala.


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