Iraq (IP) - The secretary-general of the Najba Islamic Resistance Movement in Iraq called the attack on areas near the US embassy in Baghdad were carried Washington mercenaries.

Iran Press/Middle East: In a statement on Sunday, Sheikh Akram al-Ka'abi announced that the Resistance considers targeting diplomatic centers a clear act of violation, and believes that protecting these centers is necessary to strengthen countries' relations with Iraq and to help the country grow and prosper.

Al-Ka'abi stressed that the US orders the mercenaries it has trained and equipped to provoke public opinion and tarnish the image of the Resistance Front, by targeting homes around the embassy.

Also emphasizing the shut-down of the military training camp beside the US embassy in Baghdad, which is used to create chaos, he expressed hope that the efforts of the well-wishers who demand the complete withdrawal of the US occupiers from Iraq are realized.

The US embassy in Baghdad, US military convoys, and terrorist bases, including Al-Taji and Al-Balad bases in Iraq, have been targeted several times in recent months.

Many Iraqi people and groups want the withdrawal of the US troops from Iraq, and the Iraqi parliament has approved a bill for the withdrawal of the forces.


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