Mashhad (IP)- A faculty member of Mashhad University of Medical Sciences has said that 70% of COVID-19 patients in Mashhad who were treated with 'plasma therapy' have recovered completely.

Iran PressIran News: Mohsen Sediqshamsi, a faculty member of Mashhad University of Medical Sciences, east of Iran, on Friday pointed to the start of the 'plasma therapy project' in Mashhad 6 months ago, and said: After confirming the effectiveness of this method of treatment of COVID-19 disease, its use has been seriously pursued.

He noted: "Accordingly, the use of blood plasma in people recovering from COVID-19 in the form of 'plasma therapy' has an effective role in treating other patients with COVID-19 disease."

Dr. Sediqshamsi said about the results of the plasma treatment plan in Mashhad: "This plan was performed on 32 critically ill patients with COVID-19 for 3 months and its treatment results were compared with the condition of the same number of people infected with coronavirus who have not been treated with plasma therapy."

The faculty member of Mashhad University of Medical Sciences added: "Based on the results obtained so far, two-thirds of COVID-19 patients who have been treated with plasma therapy in Mashhad have been discharged from the intensive care unit of Mashhad hospitals and have recovered completely."

The blood and cancer specialist went on to point out two important issues in plasma therapy: First, both the donor and the recipient of the plasma must have definite COVID-19 disease, and second, the level of antibodies hidden in the blood of the plasma donor must be at the desired level.

He added that the optimal time for a person recovering from COVID-19 disease to donate plasma is four to eight weeks after recovery. After this period, the antibody level decreases and the plasma efficiency decreases.


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