Tehran (IP) - Head of the Foundation for the preservation of Relics and Dissemination of the Values of the Scared Defense said that the 8-year Holy Defense showed the world that Iran will not retreat in the face of threats.

Iran PressIran News: Brigadier General Bahman Kargar in an exclusive interview with Iran Press on Tuesday said that the Islamic Republic of Iran’s status in the military, defense, and economic areas is not comparable with the 8-year Holy Defense period.

Referring to the fact that other countries can rely on the Islamic Revolution, Kargar said that the Islamic Revolution is a role model for Yemenis people and they are winning by modeling the Islamic Revolution.

He stressed that today the oppressed can rely on Iran as a power, and all powers in the world know this fact.

"Iran’s scientific and industrial progress especially in military and defense areas is at a level that other countries can benefit and this fact makes the US worried and it wants to stop Iran’s progress," he pointed.

Kargar concluded that despite all threats, the future of the Islamic Republic of Iran is glorious, and Iranian honor those who have martyred in by sacrificing in the path of the Islamic Revolution.   205/207

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