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Iran’s Foreign Ministry summoned the German ambassador to protest interference in Tehran's domestic affairs after the embassy criticized the execution of an Iranian convict in Twitter posts.

Iran PressIran news: The German ambassador was summoned by the Director-General of Europe at Iranian Ministry of Foreign Affairs on Monday over the German embassy’s recent tweets.

According to a statement by the Foreign Ministry, the Foreign Ministry director-general for Europe has strongly condemned the tweets of the German embassy as “undiplomatic” and interference in Iran’s domestic affairs.

Interfering in the laws, regulations and independent judicial procedures of the Islamic Republic of Iran is unacceptable and the German Embassy is expected to recognize the limits of its diplomatic duties, the Ministry added.

The Iranian Foreign Ministry's director-general for European affairs, who summoned the German envoy on Monday, vehemently condemned the undiplomatic move by the German embassy, saying that the contents of those tweets amounted to "interference in the internal affairs" of Iran.

The Iranian official emphasized that interference in the way that the Islamic Republic's laws and regulations are carried out and also meddling in independent judicial procedures of the country were by no means acceptable and could not be tolerated at all.

The German embassy is expected to stick to its diplomatic duties and avoid violating them, the Iranian official added.

The German diplomat, for his part, said that he would convey the Iranian government’s protest to the respective officials of his country.

The German embassy in Tehran on Sunday posted tweets condemning the execution of Navid Afkari after he was convicted of stabbing to death a government employee in the southern Fars Province in 2018.

Afkari was executed “this morning after legal procedures were carried out at the insistence of the parents and the family of the victim,” the head of the Justice Department in Fars was quoted as saying by state media on Saturday.

The 27-year-old fatally had stabbed Hassan Turkman, a water supply company employee, in the southern city of Shiraz during riots over fuel prices in 2018.


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